Stonewall Schools, Hunzicker Brothers Inc. and Litetronics Team Up to Tackle High Energy Prices

Published Date: August, 2017

In the summer of 2016, Stonewall Schools made the right decision to update their outdated fluorescent fixtures to LED.  The end result was a "clean and bright" appearance for their classrooms and gymnasium.  More importantly, Stonewall schools was able to demonstrate their dedication to energy efficiency that generated huge annual savings on their utility bill. 

The ease of installation, quality and performance, and the overall maintenance savings made this proactive decision much easier for Stonewall Schools.  Read more of the attached article to learn about the opportunity, solutions and overall results.

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Source: Litetronics- Litetronics’ LED RetroFit Kits Position Oklahoma’s Stonewall Schools for a Bright and Energy-Efficient Future